When a young girl named Sybil moves to New York, she discovers that her next-door neighbor is a little unusual, even by local standards. Bolivar is the world’s last living dinosaur, but everyone in the city is too busy to notice him.
When Sybil and Bolivar are pulled into an adventure that spans from City Hall to New York’s Natural History Museum, Bolivar must make a choice: he can continue to live unnoticed, or he can let the city see who he really is.

Part picture book and part graphic novel, BOLIVAR will be told in a combination of text, speech balloons, comic panels, and panoramic illustrations. It will be available from Archaia in 2014.

See Archaia's title page HERE.

BOLIVAR is also under development as a feature-length animated movie at Warner Bros. Studios, with Kealan O'Rourke directing!

Read the Hollywood Reporter Press Release HERE.

Watch the trailer for Kealan's award-winning film, The Boy in the Bubble, below.