16 May 2016

Redwall: Some notes on video games on an unseasonably chilly evening

It seems worthwhile to set the record straight somewhere where Google can find it, and so for the Google-found record, I am actually not working on the Redwall game in production at SOMA Games.

For better or worse, I have been tangentially involved with a few iterations of a Redwall video game project for a number of years now, but never in an official capacity. No paperwork was ever signed. I feel this is worth bringing up because people often ask me if seeing such and such a piece of artwork in connection with something or another means that I’m involved with it or approve of it or whatever.

The answer is, “not really.” I have, in the past, shared artwork with people working on various Redwall projects, and they have--sometimes with my permission, sometimes not--posted my art alongside their projects. Where Redwall is concerned, I've always tried to be a helpful person; those who read this spottily-updated blog would realize why. As is often the case when one tries to be helpful, it doesn't always work out perfectly. 

At this point, and so far as I know, much of the unauthorized artwork has been removed. If you find any more, you’re always welcome to tell me about it, although I’m not issuing cash rewards… yet. In the meantime, we wish our colleagues at SOMA good luck with their work, both now and in the future.