09 August 2013
Shameless Plugs: Mouse Guard: The Black Axe

The great David Petersen and our friends at Archaia released The Black Axe last month. I contributed a pin-up* to the series a while back, so you can find my illustration somewhere near the endpapers...  
This is also exciting for those fans who ask me to sign Mouse Guard books at conventions and discover that I refuse to sign anything I haven't contributed to-- unless I can sign it first as Roger Moore (If you get this reference, find me at NYCC and I will give you something nice, like a rare photo of Chris Skaggs signed by Alex Kain). With The Black Axe in print, there are now two MG books that I can sign guilt-free.  

Mouse Guard is really responsible for pulling me back into comics, first as a reader and now, or at least as soon as Bolivar gets out, as a creator. Which is all to say, I was extremely pleased and humbled to find my name in the author's thank yous. Thank you, David. 

*For those of us not hip to comics-jargon, a pin-up is a sort of single-page illustration that usually appears at the back of a comic book, and does not (usually or necessarily) involve Bettie Page.