07 October 2010
Shameless plugs: Legends of the Guard #2 Reviews 

Although I managed to put it off for months, I thought it might be good to post something ahead of NY Comic Con, which starts tomorrow. This is a collection some of our favorite reviews for Mouse Guard: Legends of the Guard #2 which featured "Potential," a story I did with Alex Kain. 
As total noobs, we are just thrilled with the response Potential and the entire issue received. Thanks everyone! 
Comic Book Resources: "As we see a mouse successfully take out a bear, there's excitement and adventure, and I was actually a little sad once it was over" -Greg McElhatton.

Good Comics @ Comic Book Resources: "Kain and Rubin gives us a story of a mouse fighting … a bear. Yes, a bear. Because the Mouse Guard totally rox, man! The point is that the mice will do anything to protect their territories because they all have to stick together, but it’s really just an excuse to show a mouse fighting a bear" -Greg Burgas. 

Hollywood Jesus: "It began as an epic tale of mousian survival in a harsh landscape, but has evolved into a universe. It speaks to the survivor and adventurer in all of us. We see the struggle of the small against the large, of David versus Goliath. Everyone can relate to that. There is a beautiful truthfulness to these kinds of stories" -Jesse Johnson

 "To give you an idea of how the comic read — imagine if Brian Jacques’s Redwall somehow mated with The Canterbury Tales. Legend of the Guard mixes elements of both into a wonderfully entertaining, beautifully drawn love child"-Maddy Good.

Comics Alliance: "A group of mice at an inn are have been issued a challenge by the innkeeper: whoever can tell what she judges to be the best story will have their bar tab cleared. I'd like to stop for a moment to lament the fact that such competitions have gone out of fashion in the past few centuries" -Chris Murphy.

Broken Frontier: The warrior’s response: “To the Guard, every mouse is worth fighting for—worth dying for.” Here we have an interesting theme being expressed—patriotism. Mouse Guard is oftentimes filled with wonderful and thoughtful adventures, but writer Kain cunningly explore why exactly the Guard does what it does" -Steve Surman

Comic Impact: "The first tale of #2 is Potential with... Rubin’s near obsessive line work and cross-hatching" -John Mueller.

Player Affinity: "Swords don't kill people. Mice with swords kill people" -Neil Rodriguez.

Graphic Policy: "This limited series is just wonderful and something for the whole family.  It’s one of those you’ll want to sit back with your kids and read aloud.." -Brett Schenker.

Omni Comic: "The art in this story contains great detail in the textures of things. I wish I had more technical training in art because I’m sure there is a name for the style of high texture with muted coloring, but suffice it to say I loved it" -Tom at Omni Comic.

Comics Bulletin:"Embedded in ["Potential"] is the idea of universal protection--if the smallest of us fall, then so do we all. On the other side of that argument (responsibly presented here) is the sense of obligation that follows, with the aid of the Guard taking on new dimensions when it’s clear that acts of protection are also opportunities to scout new soldiers for the ranks" -Charles Webb.