22 September 2010
Teaching: Student Projects

I've been reading Scott McCloud again. More on that later, maybe, but I really liked his observations on authors that work with a consistent character ensemble to the point where their characters are like actors and actresses in a troupe. Some of the students I worked with last year have been acting in plays and musicals with each other for more than a decade, really forming a theater troupe in their own right.

The following performance was done by a member of the "troupe." Naomi tended towards strong female roles, so I previously cast as her as Clytemnestra, Juno, and Hera (although she has remarkable range, even to play male roles, like Lumiere). Jill Lawton, who was choreographing GCA's production of Annie, suggested that Naomi would make a great Medea. Naomi stitched the following monologue from several parts of Euripides' Medea, and performed the work as part of her final project. I was expecting her to be great from the beginning, but this totally blew me away.

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