29 June 2010
Sketches: Media experimentation 
Summers are more humid than hot in New York, and paper tends to absorb the moisture pretty happily, making in a pain to sketch and draw with graphite. I usually switch to micron pens sometime in June, saving pencils for final projects but doing all my sketching and brainstorming with ink. I thought I'd mix it up a bit this year by buying some Prismacolor marks in varying shades of grey. I'm still getting used to the media, but I really like the overall effect. The above is based on a Venetian party mask I bought for a Masquerade birthday party.


  1. That is extremely sweet! I love working with those greyscale Prismas, aren't they good stuff?

  2. Les, when you post a comment, I get an email from "[two-bit]". This is beyond awesome.