22 March 2010
Nostalgia: Conversations

Overheard once upon a time at the Princeton Quadrangle Club-

Person 1: Okay, I know how you can get money. You're going to write a proposal to the Department of Defense asking them for a grant to create the technology to destroy zombies.

Person 2: Yeah, right.

Person 1: No, wait. See, they'll laugh it off, but then a week later I'll send out my own letter to the Pentagon, asking them for money to perfect some nearly-finished research to create zombies. I will also casually explain that I sent a similar letter to fourteen other major governments, and that they're in a bidding war and a race against the clock. They'll panic and send you your money immediately.

Person 3: Do you think you can get a grant to make the Philosopher's Stone? Or a shrinking ray?

Person 1: What's wrong with zombies?

Person 3: They're just messy.

1 comment:

  1. They are extremely messy-with the organs, and the blood, and the drooling, not to mention the property damage. However, I feel this adds to the threat. If nothing else, no one wants to clean up after that. There is no zombie insurance. You can't get your money back on that.