01 February 2010
Teaching: Classroombatium

Teacher: Say I gave you an unloaded something-or-another with a filed-off serial number, a ski mask, the keys to some bank, and I can assure you that you can knock the place over and get away with it, completely, why wouldn't you do it?

Female Student: It's a horrible thing to do!

Male Student: Wait, what's the exit strategy?

Teacher: Uh, there's a van driven by a self-destructing robot with a secret hatch on the bottom that drops you into the sewer system, and you follow the pipes to some escape boat somewhere. You're untraceable.

Male Student: Is there a guy on a computer who hacked into the security cameras?

Teacher: Yes.

Male Student: Mr. Rubin, have you robbed a bank?

Teacher: What do you think?

Male Student: You did? What did you do with the money?

Teacher: I sent it to NBC so they could afford to keep Chuck on the air. Why wouldn't you rob the bank?

Female Student: It's just a horrible thing to do!


  1. The real question should have been, "Mr. Rubin, are you Tom Cruise in disguise?" Indeed, I too have seen MI3.